Dennis Winkler

I have been a member of the Baker Food Co-op since 2002 when I moved to Baker City. I joined the Board of Directors as President in April of 2014 and served in that capacity for four years. I currently fill a director at large position on the Board. Prior to that as a working member I have experience packaging and stocking. I helped move the Co-op from the old 10 th Street location to its new location and I have helped with store inventory. I am a retired Forest Service employee with over 15 years of supervision, budget, and management experience. I have been a member of numerous work groups and committees in a wide variety of settings and specialties as both a team member and team leader. I am an affective team player with strong management, budget, and leadership skills. I feel that these attributes and my professional experience help to make me a valuable Board member. Additionally I currently volunteer with the Baker City School back pack program. My goal as a member of the Board of Directors is helping the Baker City Food Co-op move forward in the future while continuing to be a vibrant and healthy downtown business as well as a valuable resource to the community.