We are getting ready for inventory, which is scheduled for Friday, January 17, and Saturday, January 18. We can use all the help we can get! If you have time to help, please sign up on one of our sheets that are located at each register and also in the kitchen.

We are also short of cashiers in January. You can earn up to 30% discount becoming a working member.

Call me at 523-6281 if you have any questions.


From the Working Member Coordinator


Vacations are done and school has started so, if you need something fun to do and want to save money on your groceries, come work at the Co-op.  You can earn up to 30% in discounts!

Give me a call,




We all wish our Working Member Coordinator, Vera, the very best as she says “goodbye.”  You will be missed Vera!  Thanks for all the things you did to improve the Co-op during your four years here!


From The Working Member Coordinator

co-op-er-ate v.  To work together toward a common cause.

co-op-er-a-tive adj.  Willing to cooperate with others.

Baker Food Co-op is a cooperative that is owned and operated by our members.  As such we can only offer the services that the member-owners provide through working here.  If we don’t have enough working member-owners, then we will have to cut back on our services.

There are wonderful privileges that come with being a member-owner of the Co-op as you know, but there is also the responsibility of doing your part to keep it going.  Get informed about the Co-op’s business, attend the membership meetings, give us your ideas, come and work!  It’s fun…and you can earn up to 30% in discounts!

Thanks! Vera