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Board of Directors

The board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m at the Baker County Library. Masks are required for as long as the state and library require them.

General Member Meeting

The January, April, July, and October Board of Directors meetings are General Member Meetings.


Owners Manual

Proposed Bylaw Change for January 2022

Attention all members:

The Board of Directors has completed a review of the Bylaws and we are recommending some changes. These changes were introduced during the October meeting and will be voted on during the January General Membership Meeting on January 18, 2022 at 6:30 at the Library (2400 Resort). We are glad to resume larger gatherings and will continue to observe safety measures required by the Library and State so all members will feel safe joining our meetings.

You can view the draft with suggested changes by clicking here. Suggested deletions have a line through them, and suggested additions and wording changes are highlighted in yellow. These changes are suggested for several reasons:

References to the Policies and Procedures Manual are being removed because it has not been maintained and the Policies and Procedures for working members has become an all staff (working member and employee) policy manual.
The Board wishes to have the option of appointing a board member to the position of Treasurer. The proposed changes provide that flexibility.

Some clean-up from prior changes was needed. Specifically, the staggering of terms (still referenced elections by office), the use of a nominating committee and electronic ballots for electing board members, and the use of electronic voting for board business that was adopted in January of 2020 but never integrated into the bylaws.

Feel free to comment on these suggestions here, and please join the Board at the January meeting.