September 2014 Minutes

Minutes for Baker Food Co-op

September 18, 2014 – Directors Meeting

The September meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Thursday, September 18 at 6 pm.

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Dennis Winkler. Board Members present were Dennis Winkler, Jewel Pilcher, Barbara Haynes, Mary Jones, Tim Banister and Susie Busch. Past President, Valerie Tachenko, Staff members, Carol Morrison, Jana Simpson, and Arnie Skeels; and Member Owner, Kata Bulinski, were present.

Note: MSUC = It was moved, seconded, carried by Unanimous vote.
MSC = It was moved, seconded, carried. Those dissenting will be listed.

•The agenda was presented. MSUC (Jewel, Mary) to accept the agenda.
•The July Board minutes were reviewed. MSUC (Jewel, Barbara) the minutes be approved as reviewed. All minutes are on file at the Co-op.
•Linda Cyr gave the following financial information: Profit and Loss, sales/gross profit for the last year, Staff hours worked, Balance sheet, Forecast, Department Sales, and Statement of Cash Flows. Copies of the reports will be made for the Board. MSUC (Jewel, Barbara) that Guyer and Associates CPA be used for payroll bookkeeping. MSUC (Jewel, Mary) the report be accepted. All Treasurer’s reports are on file at the Co-op.

Staff Reports:
Manager – Carol Morrison:
•Several energy-efficient light fixtures have been installed.
•MSUC (Susie, Mary) that Scotts Heating and Air Conditioning install the exhaust pipe in the chimney to vent the furnace.
•Case price discounts were discussed. Further discussion was tabled until next month.
Working Member Coordinator – Jana Simpson:
•There were 6 new members, 2 new working members, and 20 working members worked 10 hours or more last month.
•Kaz Marlette was the Working Member of the Month. Kaz helps with the UNFI freight, and the Produce truck on Mondays. She stays late until the job is finished.
•Larry and Kathleen Hansen were also recognized as Working Members of the Month. Kathleen is a cashier and has extensive knowledge in tinctures, supplements and alternative cleaners. Larry is a huge help doing many needed handyman projects around the Co-op..
•Working members are needed to cashier, and fill other needed Co-op jobs.
POS Administrator – Arnie Skeels:
•Instructions for the UNFI transfer for Jana will be completed next week, and Arnie will coordinate with Jana for a Monday morning work session.
•Arnie is repairing the kiosk sign above the cashier counter.
•A method of controlling coolers to keep all coolers from turning on at the same is not feasible at this time.
All Day Saturday and Thursday afternoon Staff: Ben Titus continues as the temporary Saturday staff person to manage the Co-op. Discussion continued for flexible ways to meet the Thursday afternoon staffing need.
Unfinished Business:
•A draft copy of the Staff Policy and Procedures (P & P’s) was given to the Board. The Board will review the draft P & P’s with committee members Sheri Smith, Bart Murray, and Jana Simpson at the October Board meeting.
•Mary will continue to obtain input from Department Heads.
MSUC (Jewel, Mary) to invite Mary Jo Grove from Nelson Realtors to present information at the October Board meeting regarding the sale of the 10th St. lot.
•Committee sheets, including committee volunteers, were briefly reviewed. The Board will have a work session to prepare committee information for the October Member Owner meeting.
•Dennis and Jewel will work with the Credit Union on obtaining a line of credit for emergencies.
•Dennis will get bids for the building insurance.

New Business:
•New ideas were discussed regarding the content and expanding the circulation of the Newsletter – both paper and electronic copies. New content will be introduced with the November newsletter. Even though the Board minutes take considerable space in the newsletter and can be accessed online, it was recommended that the Board minutes continue to be printed in the hard copy and the e-mail newsletter until more feedback can be obtained. There will continue to be a link to access the minutes on Facebook and the website.
•The October Member Owner meeting is scheduled for 7 pm, Thursday, October 23 at the Co-op. It will be advertised at the Co-op, in the newsletters, the Co-op webpage, and on Facebook.
•Mary will gather information about the Crossroads Art Center fundraiser.
•A Quality Control Department Head position was discussed. Expanding COPOS data, and finding ways to track and get outdated products off the shelves will need to be researched. This topic will be investigated by Board and Staff, and will be included on the October Board agenda.
•The Board was thanked for their efforts to expand communication pathways and was encouraged to find a way to have a “live computer link” for members to communicate with the Board.
•A 2-drawer lockable file cabinet for important Co-op papers will be purchased.

With no further business, MUC (Jewel) the meeting be adjourned.
— Susie Busch, Secretary

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