Our Food Guidelines

The Co-op makes every effort to carry products that adhere to the following categories below:

  • Fresh, healthy, nutritious
  • Certified organically grown, whenever possible, and locally produced, when available
  • Whole grains
  • Minimally processed
  • Seasonal, as available
  • Well-stored, well-handled, well-presented
  • Variety
  • Specialty and alternative foods to commonly allergenic foods and products
  • Bulk or minimally packaged
  • Free of artificial ingredients, artificial colors, artificial preservatives

Additionally, the Baker Food Co-op:

  • Supports local certified organic growers and producers
  • Stays informed on health and safety issues concerning foods and responds to them
  • Helps educate its members and community about healthy foods and products
  • Provides careful, informed, and friendly service to all customers
  • Makes our store as accessible as possible

We offer choices to our members by balancing various consumer needs, for example, organic vs. best value or bulk products vs. convenience. Our product mix ultimately reflects what our members purchase at the Co-op. We may occasionally carry products that fall outside these guidelines because we strive to meet the needs of as many members as possible.


We are committed to carrying organic produce of the finest and freshest quality possible. Priorities in the selection of produce shall be as follows:

  1. Local Certified Organic (seasonal)
  2. Local Non-certified Organic (seasonal)
  3. Good quality Certified Organic from closest possible source

All produce is subject to quality control for freshness and taste. Constant turnover, careful handling and preparation, and attractive display all contribute to the quality of the produce. Names of local growers/suppliers and their growing practices are available to our customers.

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