George Wheaton – Board Candidate

Hi, I am George Wheaton, and I would like to be your Board of Directors as a Member at Large for the coming 2 years. I joined the Baker Food Co-Op the third day I was here in Baker City in October 2015. Since then I have been a working member in the following areas: truck crew, stocking, cleaning/janitorial, handyman projects, cashiering, packaging, and, recently, department head and ordering.

I feel we are at a critical time for the Baker Food Co-Op. With the expansion of organic products in the mainline grocery stores, we need to find the niche which will give us a marketing advantage and, thereby, draw in more customers and increase sales. Operations need to be reviewed to determine where costs and waste can be reduced. We need to actively promote what makes us a unique source for obtaining healthy organic and GMO-free foods within the community. Brightening up the building, inside and out, without expending large sums of cash, will, I believe, create new interest in us and draw in more customers. I will explore all sources and solicit all ideas as to how we might achieve these goals, including the pursuit of grants as funding for improvements.

A short list of relevant experiences:

– The Wheaton Group – a management consulting business working with for-profit and not-for-profit businesses to review their current status and determine ways to guarantee that the business would continue to be profitable or, several cases, become profitable so that they would not go out of business.

– Executive Vice President and General Manager of Bars Leaks Western, an automotive aftermarket manufacturing company.

– Served on the Board of Directors, and as an officer, of other not-for-profit organizations, including, presently, the Bhutan Cultural Exchange.

– Many years of supervisory experience in organizations ranging from the Veterans Administration to small marketing companies.

– Taught in private and public schools, grades 5 through 12.


– Master of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis upon personnel management and marketing, from Indiana University NW.

– Bachelors degree and education training from Michigan State University.

Dennis Winkler – Board Candidate

Nomination Information for Dennis Winkler

What experience do you have with the Co-op?

I have been a member of the Co-op since 2002 when I moved to Baker City. I joined the Board of Directors as President in April of 2014 and have served in that capacity for the past four years. Prior to that as a working member, I have experience packaging and stocking. I helped move the Co-op from the old 10th Street location to its new location and I have helped with store inventory.

Please give specific contributions you can make to the Co-op by serving on the Board.

I am a retired Forest Service employee with over 15 years of supervision, budget, and management experience. I have been a member of numerous workgroups and committees in a wide variety of settings and specialties as both a team member and team leader. I am an effective team player with strong management, budget, and leadership
skills. I feel that these attributes and my professional experience will help to make me a valuable Board member. Additionally, I currently volunteer with the Baker City School backpack program.

I look forward to continuing to serve as a member of the Board of Directors, helping the Baker City Food Co-op move forward in the future while continuing to be a vibrant and healthy downtown business as well as a valuable resource to the community.

Marria Knight – Board Candidate

I am Marria Knight and have served on your Board for two years. My background is 40 years of Special Education and 5 years in retail. I feel that it is imperative that the Baker Food Co-op lives on for many years in Baker City. With your support and creative thinking, we can come together to flush out ideas that make this co-op strong and more viable. It is my wish to glean from all of you what is important to grow a sustainable hub of choices of products and services for our communities. I am open to your thoughts and ideas. Each and every idea from you, the members, will have thoughtful consideration. It truly “Takes a Village”. I value what all of you do and I would appreciate your vote.

Seed Swap – March 3rd

Seed Swap
Saturday, March 3rd, Beginning at 10:00am.
at the Baker Food Co-op.
2008 Broadway in Baker City.

Everyone is Welcome!
Bring your labeled seeds to swap

Tables for vegetables, flowers, and heirloom seeds
conventional and organic
Assorted plant starts available
Information on seed resources and seed starting

seed swap flyer

December 16 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Convened: 6:07 pm
Present: Dennis Winkler, President; Lloyd Nelson, Vice President, Clyde Christian, Secretary: BoD Members;
Marria Knight, Ramona Webb, and Ken Krohn, Carol Morrison, General Manager, Gretchen Stadler, Staff
Larry Christian, and Barry Carter, members, and Esa Murrell, newsletter editor for 2018.

Secretary’s Report: Clyde
The report was circulated electronically. No one noted any corrections. A motion was made to accept the report as amended, seconded, and passed without objection.

Treasurer’s Report: Dennis
The report was circulated electronically.
A net loss of $400 was noted. Dennis noted that the checking account was down to $25,000.00 and that
the BoD would address that with the 2018 budget discussion in January 2018.
A discussion followed the notice that the daily average sales were once again down.
Discussion on the 3% credit card charge was held with input from Carol. The decision of whether or not to raise that figure will be taken up with the 2018 budget discussion in January 2018.
Carol noted that on Saturday, December 16m 2017 the sales of cash, check, and credit card were equal.
A motion was made to accept the report, seconded, and passed without objection.

Staff Reports: Carol
7 new members this month. 26 members working 10+ hours.
Department Head of the Month and Working Member of the Month would be chosen and announced along
with the December recipients.
Carol notified the BoD that Pat Cullen had tendered her resignation to be effective February 17, 2018.
Carol also notified the BoD that Phoebe Charbonneau would be ready to return to work January 2, 2018.
Gretchen Stadler indicated that she would be available to continue working in the same position and hours.
Carol informed the BoD that she had canceled the debit card used for vendor purchases due to hacking,
and again expressed her wish for a Visa card due to the liability issues with using the debit card.
Carol noted that the inventory was high and that ordering should be adjusted.
Barry noted that use of online classified ads in conjunction with the Facebook page may be worthwhile.
Ken noted that he had been doing that on a selective basis to determine the results.

Old Business: Dennis
Barry Carter made a presentation on a couple of items he felt me be profitable for the Co-op to carry.
Dennis thanked Barry for his input and told him that the BoD would review those products for their
viability in this area. Ken suggested that perhaps sales on a consignment basis would be worth
investigation. Dennis informed the BoD that the potential renter for the barber shop space has declined at this time. It was noted that John Busch had agreed to lead a work crew in reworking the space to entice renters and would prepare a list of work needing to be done to Dennis.
Clyde presented a work-up of a potential Working Member sheet for personnel to hand out to members
who express interest in working. BoD input was noted and would be taken by email until January 1, 2018.
The finalized version would be printed for the Co-op and digitally sent through the website, Facebook
and the newsletter.

The next BoD meeting will be on January 16, 2018, 6 pm, at the Library if available.
Recess was called at 7:05 pm.

Draft submitted December 19, 2017, by Clyde Christian, secretary.