Working Members

By far, becoming a working member is the best way to save at your Co-op. We make healthy products very affordable for you. Just how affordable is up to you. A 15% discount during the first 30 days of membership is given to new members. Thereafter the discount is 5%, unless the new member chooses to become a working member.

You can maintain your initial discount by working just 2 hours per month! Working 10 hours per month can give you a discount only pennies over wholesale price, saving you 1/3 off your grocery expenses each month. All hours apply to the following month’s discount. What other store in town will give you such an opportunity to save? At your Co-op, you are in complete control of the level of savings you could earn! Depending on the position chosen, you can receive an automatic 30% discount each month without having to record your time. These positions include:

  1. Department Heads
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Any position that takes more than 10 hours per month on a regular basis.

Some examples

  1. Cashiering – Operating the cash register and serving customers.
  2. Packaging – Learn how to package, label and date bulk foods.
  3. Assisting the Truck Crew – Wednesday is freight day. Come join the fun while we unload the truck(s), price and stock inventory, or wash and bag fresh produce.
  4. Cleaning – Join our cleaning crew or help with odd-jobs during daily operations, such as washing jars, recycling, dusting, sweeping, cleaning restrooms, etc.
  5. Customer Service – Answering telephones and assisting customers and cashiers.
  6. Computer Services – data entry, mailings, and/or phone calls.
  7. Carpentry, electrical and general maintenance in the store.
  8. Inventory – Learn how to keep our inventory up to date.


Or perhaps you have your own unique service or talent to contribute! Let us know!